The Commission is composed of the chairperson and eight Commission members, appointed by the Prime Minister with the consent of both Houses of the Diet.

The term of offices of the chair person and the Commission members is five years.

The chairperson and Commission members exercise their authorities independently.

The chairperson and the Commission members shall include a person as follows.


Ms. Minako Shimada

Full-time, appointed in January 2015
Ex-Executive Director of The Kao Foundation for Arts and Sciences


Mr. Takao Abe

Full-time, appointed in January 2014
Ex-Mayor of Kawasaki City
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Mr. Haruhi Kumazawa

Full-time, appointed in February 2016
Ex-Officer of Nikkeisha, Inc.

Ms. Mieko Tanno

Full-time, appointed in February 2016
Ex-Executive Vice President of National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan

Dr. Katsuhiko Ogawa

Dr. Hisakazu Kato

Part-time, appointed in January 2015
Professor of the School of Political Science and Economics at Meiji University
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Mr. Seiichi Ohtaki

Part-time, appointed in February 2016
Member of the Board of Trustees Vice-president, Shizenkan University

Ms. Machiko Miyai

Part-time, appointed in February 2016
Panasonic Corporation Associate

Dr. Shizuo Fujiwara

Commissioners for International Cooperation

Mr. Hisato Asada

Part-time, appointed in September 2017.
former President and CEO, Bussan Sumisho Carbon Energy Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tetsuo Narukawa

Part-time, appointed in September 2017.
former Managing Director, Mizuho Bank, Ltd.

Mr. Shuhei Ohshima

Part-time, appointed in January 2019.
former President, Idemitsu Tanker Co., Ltd.

Commissioner for International Academic Exchange

Dr. Fumio Shimpo

Part-time, appointed in February 2018.
Professor of Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University