Meeting with the National Commission for Data Protection (CNDP) in Luxembourg

The PPC officials visited the National Commission for Data Protection (CNDP) in Luxembourg to have a meeting with President Tine A. Larsen on June 16, 2017, where Commissioner Ohshima provided an explanation of the PPC’s recent activities in relation to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other regulatory matters, while the President briefed such issues as domestic preparation toward implementing the General Data Protection Regulation. The President also shared with Commissioner Ohshima CNDP’s flyer, which is aimed to help businesses to better understand the GDPR (please see the link below.)

Both parties also discussed cross-border flow of personal data, and have agreed to continue exchanging information in the future, regarding any relevant development occurring in their respective countries.

From left, Ms.Larsen, Mr. Ohshima

CNPD’s useful materials
①   “Guide de préparation au nouveau règlement général sur la protection des données”(French)
      ※This is the latest material that the CNPD publicized. It is available in French only.

②   “Are you ready for the new data protection rules?”(English, PDF) (PDF:925KB)
      ※This is available in English.