Cooperative Dialogue between Commissioner Kumazawa and Jourová

Haruhi Kumazawa, Commissioner of the PPC and Vera Jourova, European Commissioner for Justice and Consumers, on 3 Jul 2017 held a cooperative dialogue on the personal data transfer between Japan and the EU, in which they affirmed that a framework to pursue the smooth and mutual transfer of personal data between Japan and the EU would be established by both sides’ mutually recognizing the sufficiency of the level of protection provided by the respective personal information protection systems, and that they would strive to work together with the aim of producing results by early 2018.

Commissioners Kumazawa and Jourova issued a joint press statement(PDF : 91KB)open pdf in a new window based on the results of their cooperative dialogue.

Commissioner Jourová and  Kumazawa
shaking hands with in front of the EU flag
From left, Ms. Jourová and Mr. Kumazawa

Following the above-mentioned dialogue, a political statement titled “Joint declaration on the cross-border transfer of personal data” was also released as a result of the 24th Japan-EU Summit meeting held in Brussels on 6 Jul 2017.
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