Meeting with Data Protection Commissioner (DPC)

On Nov 24th, 2017, Commissioner Narukawa of the Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) visited Data Protection Commissioner (DPC)open with a new windowand exchanged views with Commissioner Helen Dixon. In addition, he visited Dublin Chamber of Commerceopen with a new windowand exchange views on that day.

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    Meeting with Commissioner Dixon, DPC (Nov 24th, 2017)

    In the meeting, both countries explained their personal information protection system and their outline of data protection authority. Also, Commissioner Dixon explained the situation of preparation for GDPR, which will be enforced in May 2018. Commissioner Narukawa explained the PPC’s addresses to establish a system of mutual and smooth transfer of personal data between EU and Japan. Commissioner Dixon recognized the PPC’s addresses and common characteristics between EU and Japan, and the PPC believes that DPC’s understandings on Japanese system etc. were deepened.

    Based on these exchanges of views, DPC and the PPC shared the direction that cooperative relationship would be further promoted.

(from the left) Commissioner Dixon and Commissioner Narukawa
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    Meeting with Dublin Chamber of Commerce (Nov 24th, 2017)

    Commissioner Narukawa listened to the explanation on the situation of preparation for GDPR by Dublin Chamber of Commerce and its member enterprises etc.