Complaint Mediation Line for MY NUMBER

The Personal Information Protection Commission (PPC) mediates the complaints with regard to the handling personal information relating to MY NUMBER.

Telephone: 03-6457-9585 (in Japanese only)

- Open from 9:30AM to 17:30PM on weekdays (excluding weekends, national holidays and from Dec 29 to Jan 3)

- The PPC records your call to understand your consultation accurately.

- The PPC may ask your personal information, such as name, address, sex, age, and occupation to process your complaint. The PPC use such information only for the complaint processing and mediation. The PPC does not use your personal information for any other purpose nor provide the information to a third party without obtaining your consent.

- The PPC may use the information which your provide after processing the complaint for statistics and examples of complaints. Even this case, the PPC does not use the information which is possible to identify you.

For inquiry of MY NUMBER system, please call the Call Center for the Social Security and Tax Number System (free call in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and Portuguese: 0120-0178-26).