Privacy Awareness Week (27th May -3rd June) 2019

What is Privacy Awareness Week?

Privacy Awareness Week (PAW) , an initiative started by APPA (Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities), has been held every year to promote and raise awareness for numerous privacy issues and importance of promoting personal information. As part of PAW, members hold a variety of different events and undertake various activities. This year, PAW will be held throughout May and each members is expected to nominate.
This year, the PPC Japan, as a member of APPA, decided to set "Privacy Awareness Week" from 27th May to 3rd June including the date of 51st APPA forum and International Seminar on Personal Data.

Privacy Awareness Week in PPC Japan

Hosting International Conferences

  • 51st APPA Forum
    Outline: We invite DPA members from around the world to promote understanding of personal data protection and application in global scale, through public conferences including speeches and panel discussions.
    Date: 30th May 2019
    Venue: Hotel Okura, Tokyo

  • International Seminar on Personal Data
    Outline:We discuss the value of safe and free data flow under the theme :“The Creation of Global Free Flow of Personal data with Adequate Protection”.
    Date: 3rd June 2019
    Venue: Hotel Chinzanso, Tokyo

Promoting Personal Data Protection

  • Putting up Posters
    We post posters in local government offices and in the post office.
  • Digital signage
    We will carry out digital signage in various JR station yards in Tokyo(20 stations including Tokyo station), KeiHanshin area (6 stations including Osaka station), Nagoya station.
  • Radio CM
    Advertisement on Mainichi –shinbun newspaper

Securing appropriate handling of personal information (Main PR activities in the Personal Information Protection Committee)

For Business Operators

  • Dispatching lecturers to workshops held by business operators
    We dispatch instructors to training sessions hosted by business operators to promote understanding of Personal data protection system.
  • Distribution of easy-to-understand brochures
  • Attention information
    We raise awareness on issues such as data security, personal data protection, Social security number (“My number”) on regularily.
  • Personal Data Protection “Close calls”
    We provide examples of minor incidents that could have led to data breach.

For those who wish to create membership lists

  • We distribute brochures summarizing useful tips when making a membership list.

For Children

  • We distribute Handbooks and video “Everyone’s important personal information.”
    We introduce the importance of personal information based on a familiar scenario for children.
  • Classes for elementary school students.
    The staff members of the personal information protection committee will give classes using the handbooks and videos mentioned above.